WHITESNAKE - "Nobody fires a lord!"

WHITESNAKE - „Niemand feuert einen Lord!“

40 years ago David Coverdale made the step back to the big stages and into the charts with Whitesnake. His way there was paved by the album "Ready An' Willing" with the hit "Fool For Your Loving" and the live release "Live For Your Loving". In The Heart Of The City". In the course of two conversations, the first of which took place before the Corona pandemic, the second in the middle of the lockdown, Old Cov remembered his fellow musicians of the time and came out as a passionate mixtape composer. The Rock Album", released on June 19, is a result of this passion. In addition, we asked Ian Paice about his memories of his time in Coverdale's band.

David Coverdale does not really feel like talking about the time around 1980. "You asked me about it at the beginning of the year, didn't I dodge the questions cleverly enough?" the low baritone sounds with a laugh on the other end of the line in Incline Village on Lake Tahoe in Nevada. But the northerner is in a chatty mood, as usual. And basically, you don't need to think up any questions for him, because he usually doesn't let you finish formulating them anyway. He emphasizes that this is not always the case: "Only she from the press, my fans and my band listen to me, Cindy [Coverdale's third wife since 1997, note] I have to listen to He did listen when it came to Ian Paice's comments, because the contact between the former bandmates is not too close anymore

eclipsed: There is a parallel between you and Paicey: You are the last remaining founding members of Purple and Whitesnake respectively.

David Coverdale: As much as I appreciate Ian as a drummer, you can't necessarily compare them. There are too many differences. Also from the fan side, despite all the musical class, it's hard to compare today's Purple with the band whose founders and drivers were Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord.

eclipsed: You mean it's like Neil Murray [Whitesnake bassist from 1978-82 and 1983-87, ed.] is now running a formation called Whitesnake?

Coverdale: I don't want to downplay Neil's achievements, but Paicey's influence on Purple is certainly greater than Neil's influence on my band. And that was Whitesnake from the beginning: my band. In this respect I am indispensable, no matter how important Bernie Marsden, Jon Lord, Paicey, John Sykes or more recently Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra were and are for Whitesnake

eclipsed: The new compilation contains some tracks from your fast solo album "Restless Heart" (1997) and the third solo album "Into The Light" (2000).

Coverdale: Every contract Whitesnake signed, I signed alone.

Whitesnake - Always the Same from The ROCK Album (2020)

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