DAVID COVERDALE - The cock rocker turns 70!

27. September 2021

DAVID COVERDALE - Der Cock-Rocker wird 70!

It's a running gag in the editorial office that we should translate a David Coverdale text for the "Further in the text" section. Probably the eclipsed would then only be allowed to be sold under the counter ... Dave, affinity for such innuendos, asks for a minute's pause during the interview when he hears this anecdote, as he is about to undergo surgery for his hernia. "When I look at my pants, I have to say these are the fattest balls I've ever had, but unfortunately I can't laugh, not even at myself, because then it gets painful ..." Shortly before, Old Cov had undergone surgery on both hips. "If that isn't fate! You could say the man gave it his all, though. (chuckles) Oh dear, now I've been laughing painfully at my own joke again."

WHITESNAKE - "Nobody fires a lord!"

05. July 2020

WHITESNAKE - „Niemand feuert einen Lord!“

40 years ago David Coverdale made the step back to the big stages and into the charts with Whitesnake. His way there was paved by the album "Ready An' Willing" with the hit "Fool For Your Loving" and the live release "Live For Your Loving". In The Heart Of The City". In the course of two conversations, the first of which took place before the Corona pandemic, the second in the middle of the lockdown, Old Cov remembered his fellow musicians of the time and came out as a passionate mixtape composer. The Rock Album", released on June 19, is a result of this passion. In addition, we asked Ian Paice about his memories of his time in Coverdale's band.