Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Country | Heft: Jahrgang 2014, eclipsed Nr. 159 / 4-2014 | VÖ-Jahr: 2014 | Wertung: 7.5/10 | Label: Rockville | Autor: SaS

"Atlantis" is the third album of the German Americana band. This time we don't go to the moon, but to the lost legendary city Atlantis. But once again there is perfect and lovingly arranged folk craftsmanship on offer. While the first two works still had a few regionalisms to note here and there - the band always sounded a bit "German" when it was probably dear to them - they have now thankfully completely disappeared on "Atlantis". Even more: In parts, the record convinces as a perfect Americana album with beautiful melodies, great verbose arrangements and haunting vocals. It is, however, also one of those CDs that contains four to five absolute high-flying songs, but otherwise only solid song material. Now you can say that about many albums, because who can succeed twelve classics in one stroke? And in general these handfuls of great songs are so convincing that every Americana lover should take this album to heart.

Top track: Coral Strand Lane

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