KODALINE - In A Perfect World

Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Alternative/Indie | Heft: Jahrgang 2013, eclipsed Nr. 153 / 9-2013 | VÖ-Jahr: 2013 | Wertung: 6/10 | Label: Sony | Autor: UR

Acute heartache is not the worst starting point for writing an album. In the case of the Irish newcomer Kodaline, the two neighbouring children Steve Garrigan and Mark Prendergast experienced growing up with all its highs and lows at the same time - from the school choir to the first band competitions to the serious relationship crash of the two songwriters and guitarists. Dramatic feelings also shape the songs on her debut album. From cautious ballads often euphoric hymns develop after Coldplay model ("High Hopes"). But even without heavy skirt guns, the band quad can expertly set up its dynamic emotional roller coaster. Then delicate piano chords are followed by lively scratched guitars and mandolins, solemn background choirs ("Love Like This") or sky-high falsetto parts by choirboy Garrigan. For a very young band, Kodaline maintains an astonishingly stylistically confident, fine folk tone despite all the epics. What is still missing, however, is Kodaline's own sound, which sets it apart from mere teachable Britpop students.

Toptrack: High Hopes

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