Kategorie: CD-Reviews | Genre: Metal | Heft: Jahrgang 2014, eclipsed Nr. 160 / 5-2014 | VÖ-Jahr: 2014 | Wertung: 7.5/10 | Label: Pias | Autor: MB

Crowd Funding is the trend of the moment. Stream Of Passion, once the foster children of Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), have also had their fourth album "A War Of Our Own" financed by their fans with over 40,000 €. Already the album title indicates it: Singer Marcela Bovio and her band have long since become fledged, have now freed themselves from the constraints of the label structure and are now three years after "Darker Days" more combative than ever before. Once more symphonic-atmospheric Gothic Metal is offered, which, sometimes heavy, sometimes balladesque, shows the qualities of the petite frontwoman between the extremes progrock, soft dark pop and metal-hardness. "A War Of Our Own" is a courageous album, which is also lyrically courageous. Personal struggles against diseases, tensions within the band, but also the efforts made in Bovio's home country Mexico against corruption and drug trafficking are on the agenda. So it fits perfectly into the picture that people are singing in Spanish again. A worthwhile purchase for fans of the genre.

Top track: Exile

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