ALLMAN BETTS BAND - United States of Americana

11. September 2020

ALLMAN BETTS BAND - United States of Americana

Whether she wants to admit it or not, the Allman Betts Band is becoming the legitimate successor to the Allman Brothers Band. On their second longplayer "Bless Your Heart", they have expanded their musical spectrum with some Americana sounds. As satisfied as frontman Devon Allman is with this, he admits in an interview that his personal taste in music goes far beyond that.

THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND write their own chapter of Southern Rock

03. September 2019

Devon Allman und Duane Betts treten das Erbe ihrer Väter an und schreiben als THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND ihr eigenes Kapitel des Southern Rock

"Down To The River" is the name of the debut album of the band by Devon Allman, son of Gregg Allman, and Duane Betts, son of Dickie Betts and named after Duane Allman, who died in 1971. Already in 2018 they were on the road together as Devon Allman Project feat. Duane Betts. In the meantime they have brought on board another son of an Allman Brothers band co-founder, bassist Berry Duane Oakley. It was therefore not surprising that the Allman Betts Band presented even more ABB classics on their 2019 tour than the Devon Allman Project had done before. In conversation with eclipsed, Allman and Betts showed themselves in a beer and chatty mood in view of their satisfaction with the first album of their new band.

Devon Allman: We've been sitting together for ten minutes and you haven't asked us a single question about our fathers or the Allman Brothers Band.

eclipsed: That's true, but so far we've concentrated more on drinking beer.