ANUBIS present a concept album for shutdown and decelerated home office

19. May 2020

ANUBIS legen ein Konzeptalbum für den Shutdown und entschleunigtes Homeoffice vor

In 2004 singer Robert James Moulding and keyboardist David Eaton founded the band Anubis, named after the ancient Egyptian god of death, in Sydney, Australia. They immediately released "230503", a modern prog concept album influenced by Pink Floyd and Co. "Homeless", which is the band's first album to be released on high-quality 190g vinyl, moves in this direction. The question of what can be home in 2020 gains a whole new urgency, not only in view of the worsening climate crisis and poverty worldwide on the one hand, and increasing nationalism and populism in many countries on the other, but especially in the middle of the Corona crisis.

eclipsed: What do you understand by "homeless", and doesn't this phenomenon get a new meaning in the sign of Corona?