ASTRID SWAN "Astrid 4"

26. June 2014

The Finnish singer-songwriter Astrid Swan is back, and she has her fourth album in her luggage, which leans a bit out of the window with its title. Because legendary albums like "Scott 4", Black Sabbath's "Vol. 4" or "Led Zeppelin IV" immediately come to mind. Is the fourth album also something special in Astrid Swan's case?

eclipsed No. 108 / 2-2009

10. April 2014


It's done: After years of waiting, the last of the three Genesis box sets has finally been released! It contains the albums of the years 1970 to 1975. For many die-hard fans, this period is the essential, most innovative phase of the English prog formation. Eclipsed also shows its colours and takes a look back at the glorious Gabriel Years - garnished with exclusive comments by legendary Genesis producer John Burns.

The eclipsed annual review