BEN CRAVEN creates prog epics in widescreen format

28. June 2022

BEN CRAVEN erschafft Prog-Epen im Breitwandformat

There are not so many singing multi-instrumentalists who have recorded entire albums without other musicians - Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Prince and Mike Oldfield are certainly the best-known representatives of this species. The Australian Ben Craven, who has just released his third album "Monsters From The Id", also belongs to this illustrious group, because the studied electrical engineer from Brisbane is not only a good singer, but also impresses on various instruments, whereby his highly melodic guitar solos sometimes remind one of Steve Hackett.

In the eclipsed interview, Craven not only talks about his difficult path to becoming a "one-man-band", but also about his manifold influences and the Australian prog scene. Even Sigmund Freud's "structural model of the psyche" comes up