BLACK SABBATH - paranoia, heaven and hell

15. October 2020

BLACK SABBATH - Paranoia, Himmel und Hölle

Almost exactly 50 years ago, on September 18, 1970 - the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix' death - Black Sabbath released their second album "Paranoid". After their debut at the beginning of 1970, which in a way was the beginning of heavy metal, they cemented their reputation with their successor and created songs for eternity. Less than a decade later, after Ozzy Osbourne's temporary departure, the band reinvented themselves with new vocalist Ronnie James Dio and producer Martin Birch. The 1980 album "Heaven And Hell" still stands for high-class heavy rock today and still causes religious wars among fans over the question of when the Sabbath star shone brightest.

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18. July 2018

BLACK SABBATH - From the Swabian Province to the World

28. April 2017

BLACK SABBATH - From the Swabian Province to the World

"My flared jeans fluttered as if I were standing outside in the wind," Alex Wilson remembers the effect of his first Black Sabbath concert in November 1969 in Dumfries, Scotland. After that his life would have changed, says the Brit, because he had never heard such heavy powerriffs before. The contemporary witnesses of Sabbath's first gigs in Germany report similar things. Although the jazz part of the group was still immense at that time and Tony Iommi unpacked the flute, it was his ominous guitar riffs that brought heavy metal to the provinces, be it Dumfries, Göppingen, Schorndorf or Schwäbisch Hall.

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12. April 2014

New Songs from the Black Box

It's actually there, the first Black Sabbath album with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years! While fans believed that they had misheard themselves when they first announced this pact, they are now holding a recording of "13" in their hands that is not only real, but also successful. And this although Osbourne had a bad relapse into his old drug routine during the sessions. Buddy Geezer Butler gives eclipsed insights into the mood of the band and the processes inside and outside the studio.

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12. April 2014

Four for Eternity: Sabbath's "Vol. 4."

"Vol. 4" is perhaps the most underrated album of Black Sabbath by the music interested public. Fans and connoisseurs see it differently, however, because the LP with the low association title is one of the most important in the career of the band that is so decisive for the history of hard rock. The fact that the album was released in September 1972 still borders on a miracle in view of the massive cocaine consumption of the band.

Part 13 The great discussion on the present and future of the genre

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09. April 2014

Myth of the Resurrection

What would The Doors be without Jim Morrison? Or the other way around, what would Jim Morrison be without The Doors? Morrison is an icon, the Doors are a legend. A myth that is refreshed every few years with a new compilation. 40 years after the release of their cult debut The Doors now let all their samplers lead into a "The Very Best Of". But who needs a new Doors compilation? After all, no new material has been added for 35 years, and the only two albums without Morrison were never released on CD.


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09. April 2014

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09. April 2014

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09. April 2014