The Bremen band EYEVORY has given their album "Aurora" a special polish

24. September 2019

Die Bremer Formation EYEVORY hat ihrem Album „Aurora“ einen besonderen Schliff verpasst

Almost three years have passed since the release of Eyevorys concept album "Inphantasia". An eventful and productive time for the progband from Bremen, as singer and bassist Jana Frank reports: "We have had a new drummer for one and a half years, this time a permanent one, which feels very good. Previously we had many changes, had to adjust again and again. Now the chair stands on four legs again." For one year the group has been working on new material. "About forty songs have been written. They were sifted out until the top ten were left for the album," Frank sums up. Her conclusion betrays a certain pride: "'Aurora' feels like a polished diamond, simply because a lot of grinding work has gone into it"

Track premiere: EYEVORY "Inphantasia"

15. June 2018

Trackpremiere: EYEVORY "Inphantasia"

On their current album "Inphantasia" the prog rockers take EYEVORY their listeners on a journey back to childhood. In the title track of the same name the adventure begins and invites you to dream. The video recordings were stored in a dusty drawer for over a year because the ideas for a second level of mini-film had not yet matured. But true to the motto "What lasts a long time is finally good", these have been found in the meantime and implemented with great attention to detail...

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 90

26. October 2016

WOLF PEOPLE - Night Witch (3:48)
Album: Ruins (2016)
Label/Distribution: Secretly Group/Cargo

Here the pop, proto-prog and canterbury folk rock of the late sixties shake hands with modern times. This happens on the new album "Ruins" so similarly several times, also "Night Witch" gets stuck very pleasantly in the ear canals with its ingratiating vocal melody. Album of the month. (RELEASE: 11.11.)