GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA - Under high voltage

10. August 2020

GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA - Unter Hochspannung

"Konkret Musik" is the name of the sixth studio album of the instrumental dervishes of Gösta Berling's saga. Concretely this means: The Swedes create an even more intensive sound cosmos than before.

Just in time for their 20th anniversary, Gösta Berling's Saga expands their squad from four to five members: The Stockholm-based group's new album also features percussionist Jesper Skarin, who has previously appeared on the band's live performances. As a result, the Brachial-Progger's sixth studio album places even more emphasis on rhythm and dynamics: The body of sound is draining, errant, dramatic, explosive. Introspektion is rarely given space, breathers do not seem to be particularly desired. But when silence enters, it testifies to an almost magical sublimity. Bassist Gabriel Tapper feels himself and the music of his troupe "as if bathed in a fountain of youth" - and grimly defies the corona virus.


16. January 2017

54, 53, 46, 39 - these are not winning numbers of a pension lottery, but the playing minutes of the albums of the Stockholm instrumental progrock group around keyboarder David Lundberg; so the quartet expects less sound material from its fans with each released work, quite apart from the particularly long break this time: after all, one had to wait five years for "Sersophane".