eclipsed No. 171 / 6-2015

09. December 2015

MARILLION - 30 years "Misplaced Childhood"

The eclipsed rock towns check: HAMBURG

27. May 2015

The eclipsed rock towns check: HAMBURG

Tuesday, May 12th, a normal working day. In the Astra-Stube the Boxed In, in the friendly & competent The Little Unsaid, in the Cotton Club the Jailhouse Jazzmen, in the night asylum Douglas Dare, in the Hasenschaukel Fleming Borby play. There's a rock session at Barrock, a song slam at Molotow. In the Monopol Bar of the Cityhotel Bossa & Friends are guests, in the Knust Wellbad, and on the forecourt the Hamburger Kneipenchor shows what a Hamburger Kneipenchor is capable of. The Villagers perform in Altona's cultural church, in the Roter Flora No Omega, in the Prinzenbar Daniel Nitt, in the Nochtspeicher Graziella Schazad and in the Golem the European New York Quartet.