NANCY WILSON - "Mama Rock" - A Woman To Steal A Horse From

12. May 2021

NANCY WILSON - „Mama Rock“ – Eine Frau zum Pferdestehlen

Nancy Wilson, best known as the guitarist of Heart, releases her first solo album at the age of 67 - a work with which she counters several misconceptions: for instance, that her band is a purely American phenomenon, that she had her best musical moments in the 1970s and has hardly any relevance today. As far as the latter is concerned, "You And Me" is a resounding slap in the face for all such critics, because the first woman to play lead guitar in a successful rock band shows that she hasn't lost anything, but has learned a lot.

Heart front woman ANN WILSON pays homage to deceased rock and pop greats on "Immortal

27. September 2018

Heart-Frontfrau ANN WILSON huldigt auf „Immortal“ verstorbenen Rock- und Popgrößen

A cover album by Ann Wilson (68), completely without Led Zeppelin songs. This is surprising at first glance, and that is why it is worth asking for. We also want to know why she recorded a cover album again. After all, 2007 saw the release of "Hope & Glory" - the "Immigrant Song", of course - a complete work with cover versions. And we need to shed some light on the rumor jungle around Heart.

eclipsed: An album with cover versions of you, and there's no Led Zeppelin song on it. That's surprising!

Ann Wilson: That didn't fit into the concept, because "Immortal" is about paying tribute to the rock and pop greats that have passed away in recent years.

eclipsed: Therefore not Led Zeppelin, but David Bowie, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, Amy Winehouse, George Michael and Leonard Cohen?