HELLOWEEN - The Magnificent Seven

08. June 2021

HELLOWEEN - Die glorreichen Sieben

"It's a typical winter day today," says Andi Deris when we meet in a bar in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife. Nevertheless, we sit outside and enjoy the view of the city. He points in the direction of some houses a bit away: "Weik lives over there" he explains. Meant is of course Michael Weikath, guitarist of Helloween. But even apart from facts about the band, the musician from Karlsruhe always pulls interesting stories about the city and the island out of his hat. And of course about the pumpkinheads' new album.

eclipsed: "Helloween" is your first studio album as a seven-piece. Were the songs written after the "unification" of the old and new formation or before?

Andi Deris: Both and. "Down In The Dumps", for example, was already in the making before the "Pumpkins United" tour. And the chorus of "Mass Pollution" is ancient, I've probably been carrying that around with me for 15 years