The HENRIK FREISCHLADER BAND searches for missing parts in the field of tension between Blues, Funk, Soul and Rock

01. December 2020

Die HENRIK FREISCHLADER BAND sucht nach fehlenden Teilen im Spannungsfeld von Blues, Funk, Soul und Rock

The Wuppertal multi-instrumentalist Henrik Freischlader, who is primarily perceived as a guitarist and singer, loves the musical change of perspective: sometimes melodic pop-rock with an open visor and no blinkers ("Still Frame Replay", 2011), sometimes the big band version ("Who 33", 2017); but also as a trio ("Openness", 2016) or with Gary Moore glasses ("Blues For Gary", 2017) as a tribute to the musician who always inspired Freischlader and brought him closer to the blues. "Oldschool-like", as he likes to call it himself, he then went from the big band version in 2018 back to the core of blues and soul: "Hands On The Puzzle" was the title of the album.

eclipsed No. 180 / 5-2016

31. December 2016

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