JOE JACKSON - The eternal youth of classical songs

31. January 2019

JOE JACKSON - Die ewige Jugend klassischer Songs

He's got a little old. Joe Jackson was an artist from the beginning who didn't care much about youthfulness. On his new studio work "Fool", the British stylist looks back on his career, which began forty years ago with the album "Look Sharp!", and on a good century of classical songwriting from George Gershwin to the Beatles and Kinks to the present day.

When we face Joe Jackson in a Berlin hotel in December, he has visibly aged compared to the last interview we did with him. He seems exhausted and moves sluggishly (he had slept badly the night before, we learn afterwards). Thus the snapshot of his appearance stands in stark contrast to the power and vitality that his new album "Fool" exudes.

eclipsed: You went to the studio right after the last tour. That's more like making jazz records. Is "Fool" a pop album in a jazz suit?