eclipsed No. 163 / 9-2014

21. January 2015

The story of rock photography

Jimi Hendrix in Monterey on his knees in front of his burning guitar, conjuring up the flames; Janis Joplin laughing on a couch, his left arm up his hip, in his right hand a bottle of Southern Comfort; Johnny Cash with a rage-distorted face, his right middle finger drawn like a weapon; Jim Morrison with his bare upper body as the embodiment of the voluptuous shepherd god Pan as well as the hedonistic worry-breaker Dionysos; David Bowie with his face at the level of Mick Ronson's pelvis...

JOHN GARCIA - The free swimmer

JOHNNY WINTER - A Life for the Blues

29. August 2014

JOHNNY WINTER - A Life for the Blues

His most fervent wishes remained unfulfilled during his lifetime: Johnny Winter waited in vain for a Grammy for his own album as well as for the recording in the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame. On 16 July, the gifted white bluesman was found dead in his hotel room in Zurich; he died during a tour at the age of seventy.

Among the white guitar heroes he was the most passionate and profiled, definitely "no Rock'n'Roller", as he himself said, "but a Bluesman". The boy who grew up in Texas - like his younger brother Edgar Albino and thus "whiter than snow" - was not born with this passion. His father played the saxophone and sang in barbershop formations, his mother played the piano, and her son first tried the clarinet and big band sound.