The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 88

23. May 2016

DARK SUNS - Escape With The Sun (6:12)
Album: Everchild (2016)
Label/Distribution: Prophecy/Soulfood

At DARK SUNS you can expect exciting course changes at any time. On their fifth album "Everchild" the octet not only firmly integrates two wind instruments into the line-up, the melancholic retro-prog Phoenix of "Orange" (2011) the Leipzig-based band has now also grown jazz-decorated new art rock grand pianos. Album of the month!

KARIBOV "Holophinium"

20. April 2016

With "Addicted" the singer and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Rüsing alias Karibow has made the audience listen for the first time last year: The winner of the German Rock and Pop Award offered an appealing mix of progressive rock and AOR. He further refined these with the double album "Holophinium".