KING CRIMSON - Robert Fripp holds court in London

19. June 2019

KING CRIMSON - Robert Fripp hält Hof in London

Robert Fripp speaks. He hasn't done that for a long time - at least not with the press. But on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his life's work King Crimson, the odd master guitarist has invited media representatives from several countries to London. To a mixture of panel discussion, press conference and personnel show, which took place according to his rules. eclipsed was there.

KING CRIMSON - Half A Century Schizoid Man

15. April 2019

KING CRIMSON - Half A Century Schizoid Man

50 years of King Crimson! An anniversary that demands respect: because the unique project around mastermind Robert Fripp has reinvented itself again and again since its foundation - without regard to musical trends or the sensitivities of individual members. And also the expectations of their fans have been undermined more than once. Together with current band members and a former actor we will try to grasp the phenomenon King Crimson in the following.

KING CRIMSON - In the steady river

26. April 2018

KING CRIMSON - Im steten Fluss

Hardly any band reinvents itself with such consistency as King Crimson. Over the last five decades, band monarch Robert Fripp has managed to keep his constantly changing group of musicians on a common goal and thus keep the English rock institution relevant. The live formation with three drummers, at first sceptically eyed, celebrates great success, and so King Crimson go on their longest tour in 15 years in 2018.

Interviews are given by Robert Fripp, 71, now almost none. What's the matter with you? I don't know. On the other hand, the musicians, who can currently call themselves members of King Crimson under his aegis, are all the more willing to provide information. Above all singer and guitarist Jakko Jakszyk is a friendly contemporary who talks about his past as a crimso fan. Together with bassist Tony Levin and drummer Pat Mastelotto we also talked to him about what it means to be part of this fabulous formation.

eclipsed No. 183 / 9-2016

31. December 2016

The eclipsed check - The 150 greatest rock anthems of all time

Stomping, combative, polemic, ecstatic - rock anthems can present themselves in this way and in completely different forms of mood. In any case, they have always stood for the great emotional theatre in popular music. The eclipsed editorial team has brought together the 150 most exciting representatives of the hymn-like song from six decades and allowed showers to trickle down their backs several times. Welcome to the stage of larger-than-life gestures!

eclipsed No. 180 / 5-2016

31. December 2016

KING CRIMSON - Always back to the beginning

KING CRIMSON - I'm A Dinosaur

24. August 2016

KING CRIMSON - I'm A Dinosaur

Originally, there were no plans to reposition Fripps Prog dinosaurs at all. Demos were created under the logo Projekct 7, joint plans were discussed and more musicians were added to the band core. But when Fripp told the rest of the participants in 2014 that he wanted to go on tour as a septet under the name King Crimson, the language was lost. "That was a shock for all of us," says singer and guitarist Jakko Jakszyk. "In 2012 he had announced his withdrawal from music. But even more surprising was the concept with the three drummers."

KING CRIMSON - Always back to the beginning

20. April 2016

KING CRIMSON - Always back to the beginning

When bassist Peter Giles responded in June 1968 to an ad in "Melody Maker" in which former Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble was looking for fellow musicians, he could not have imagined that this would be the birth of one of the most important English rock bands. Giles had recorded the unsuccessful album "The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp" with his brother Michael on drums and guitarist Robert Fripp a few months earlier. At the same time Dyble wrote songs with her friend, the multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, and the poet Peter Sinfield, for whose recording they were looking for comrades-in-arms.

eclipsed No. 142 / 7/8-2012

12. April 2014

Time is on our side: 50 years of Stones in rapid succession

"For most people, the sun, the moon, the stars - and the Rolling Stones - have always existed!" Keith Richards once commented on the longevity of his band. The Rolling Stones haven't been around as long as the sun - but long enough to look back on 50 years of Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll. We do this by looking through the past half century for the most relevant events in the band's history - and summarizing the 50 most important Stones numbers from an eclipsed point of view.

The cult lives!

eclipsed No. 116 / 12-2009 - 1-2010

10. April 2014

40 years "In The Court Of The Crimson King"

"In The Court Of The Crimson King" founded Progressive Rock. Although there were already psychedelic experiments and ambitious concepts before 1969, it was only King Crimson who set to work with the will to create great art. It was the first album of the band that had just formed - and the only one in its original line-up.

40 years ago: CAN and AMON DÜÜL II release their debut albums

eclipsed No. 50 / 3-2003

09. April 2014