Underground Trips November 2017

26. October 2017

Underground Trips November 2017


1. Electric Orange - EOXXV
2. 3rd Ear Experience - Stoned Gold
3. Monkey3 - Live At Freak Valley
4. Snowy Dunes - Atlantis
5. Sendelica - The Fellowship...

1. Simo - I Pray
2. Frozen Planet....1969 - Through Hell's Kaleidoscope
3. Carlton Melton - Hidden Lights
4. Whitenails - The Crooked Lake
5. Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo - Hobo Blues

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eclipsed No. 183 / 9-2016

31. December 2016

The eclipsed check - The 150 greatest rock anthems of all time

Stomping, combative, polemic, ecstatic - rock anthems can present themselves in this way and in completely different forms of mood. In any case, they have always stood for the great emotional theatre in popular music. The eclipsed editorial team has brought together the 150 most exciting representatives of the hymn-like song from six decades and allowed showers to trickle down their backs several times. Welcome to the stage of larger-than-life gestures!

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15. September 2016

Monkey3 fans must be brave now. The path of "trippy grooves, heavy riffs and spacy keyboard landscapes", which the Swiss quartet has been following for five albums, according to the official band website, has not been abandoned with the new album "Astra Symmetry", no, but has been geared towards new target coordinates.

MONKEY3 - Don't talk, play

24. August 2016

MONKEY3 - Don't talk, play

eclipsed catches Monkey3 guitarist Boris on the highway. He is on his way from the Swiss "Out In The Green" festival to the "festival cult" in Veltheim, Westphalia. "Yesterday Switzerland, today Germany, no problem, we live for music," he says in a relaxed manner. "We're just near Würzburg. I know there are some great psychedelic festivals there. We've been there before." And the journey continues, during which he now answers our questions.

eclipsed: The new album "Astra Symmetry" is in the box. How does it feel after work?

Boris: To be honest, we don't have enough distance to the album yet to judge it. We've tried a lot of new things. We now have vocals with us, experimenting with new sounds and new structures. I'm already curious how the fans will react. It was fun to play the new songs yesterday - despite the rain.

eclipsed: Of the innovations, singing is certainly the most conspicuous.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 89

24. August 2016

BLUES PILLS - Little Boy Preacher (3:33)
Album: Lady In Gold (2016)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

After the smooth introduction with the title track, the second Blues Pills-Longplayer really takes off with "Little Boy Preacher". Both on the album and on the sampler song the band from Örebro seems more soulful, subtle and mature. Elin Larsson in particular benefits from this orientation.