CD-Sampler: Music From Time And Space 78

12. September 2021

MONO "Requiem For Hell"

11. November 2016

As if the whole world was in front of them - and that's how it is: Mono open up endless vastness with their sounds. It's like walking through rugged, barren landscapes for days and days, full of effort, and - suddenly, finally - reaching the coast. Horizons open up, oceans. So is Mono's music, it is full of pathos, full of grandeur, it is majestic, elegant, and above all it is epic.

MONO "The Last Dawn"/"Rays Of Darkness"

27. October 2014

Light and shadow often lie next to each other. This also applies to these two albums, which are the Yin and Yang in the sound cosmos of the Japanese wall-of-sound artists Mono. Light and shadow refer only to the moods, not to the quality of the works.

eclipsed No. 111 / 5-2009

10. April 2014

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