OAK's second album combines mature art rock with Claude Debussy

31. January 2019

Das zweite Album von OAK verbindet ausgereiften Artrock mit Claude Debussy

The Norwegian art rock scene has already produced a number of internationally renowned bands. Gazpacho and Airbag have been attracting attention for some time now; in 2017 Soup presented a brilliant work with their album "Remedies". Now the Oslo band Oak released their second album "False Memory Archive", which was just as masterly and yet of a completely different nature. Regarding their position in Norwegian art rock, the group states in a joint e-mail: "We are already noticing that the attention for this kind of music is growing and the number of bands is increasing. We know the guys from Airbag and some from Soup, so we are integrated into the scene. It would be nice if she could evolve. However, this is difficult here in Norway. We must rather try our luck outside."