PAIN OF SALVATION "Our albums work best when you give them time to get under your skin and into your brain"

11. September 2020

PAIN OF SALVATION „Unsere Alben funktionieren am besten, wenn man ihnen Zeit gibt, unter die Haut und ins Hirn zu gehen“

Three years after the very personally colored "In The Passing Light Of Day" Pain of Salvation again present a modern concept album with depth. On "Panther" bandleader Daniel Gildenlöw develops a unique, fascinating musical and lyrical world, dissecting social erosion zones as usual

"Daniel would like to give longer interviews this time," says the responsible PR agency. A statement that makes you smile when you consider that the singer and guitarist generally tends to overflowing, but at the same time highly intelligent and even at times extremely polished monologues. Overruns of the interview times had to be planned anyway. In the end, almost one and a half hours pass in an interview that spans the range from musical to personal and socially significant topics.

eclipsed No. 187 / 2-2017

18. July 2018

THE SEA WITHIN - Supergroup against will

13. July 2018

THE SEA WITHIN - Supergroup wider Willen

With The Sea Within, Roine Stolt has gathered a veritable all-star ensemble - with members of The Flower Kings, Pain Of Salvation and The Aristocrats. Names like Daniel Gildenlöw, Marco Minnemann or Jonas Reingold raise the expectations of fans of progressive music. The band initiator is aware of this and therefore tries to keep the ball flat. What would not be necessary at all, because the self-titled debut is a stylistically versatile double album between prog, art pop, jazz rock and film music, in which the joy of the participants is clearly noticeable.

PAIN OF SALVATION "In The Passing Light Of Day"

09. February 2017

Great art often emerges from confrontation with extreme situations. At Pain Of Salvation mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw it was a life-threatening streptococcal infection at the beginning of 2014, the consequences of which the 43-year-old Swede had to heal in hospital for months... and it's not surprising that "In The Passing Light Of Day" now also bears witness to anger, despair, resignation and hope. It is without a doubt Gildenlöw's most personal album.

PAIN OF SALVATION - In the Face of Death

16. January 2017

PAIN OF SALVATION - In the Face of Death

With the album "In The Passing Light Of Day" the Swedish progressive metalers Pain Of Salvation return to their roots after years of stylistic excursions. That they can do this is anything but self-evident: at the beginning of 2014 Daniel Gildenlöw fell ill with a life-threatening streptococcal infection. The singer/guitarist had to spend several months in hospital. In a very personal interview he told eclipsed how this time has shaped the new album and what is currently going on with the 43-year-old exceptional musician.

eclipsed: Daniel, almost three years have passed since your severe infection. How are you today?


12. December 2014

After the life-threatening streptococci infection of singer Daniel Gildenlöw "Falling Home" is a welcome sign of life for the Swedish progmetal band Pain Of Salvation. And what one. Originally the quintet had wanted to release a live recording of their Leipzig unplugged gig from 2012, but due to a technical problem on site this project failed.

eclipsed No. 135 / 11-2011

11. April 2014

Not for Branson: Oldfield's turbulent time at Virgin Records

40 years ago Mike Oldfield entered Richard Branson's semi-finished studio The Manor. In 1972/73 he recorded his rock-historical album "Tubular Bells" there. The surprise success laid the foundation for Branson's Virgin Empire. Before 20 the business relationship between Virgin Music and the musician of the century came to an end - Oldfield and the label boss hadn't been friends for a long time.


eclipsed No. 121 / 6-2010

11. April 2014

Exile in Stones style

In 1971 the Rolling Stones had their back to the wall - almost broke, they had fled from the English tax into exile in southern France, where they wanted to record a new album. "Exile On Main St.", created under adventurous circumstances in the cellar of Keith Richards' Villa Nellcôte, became a myth.

John McLaughlin looks back on a revolutionary piece of music

eclipsed No. 90 / 3-2007

09. April 2014

Playing With The Band

Although they have not officially existed since 1995, new CDs of them are released with impressive persistence. Grateful Dead - with or without "The" - is a myth. But despite all the fables and legends that entwine around them, they were a real band with flesh and blood musicians. What makes the Grateful Dead exceptional, why don't you get tired of their countless live albums with always the same songs? Where are the boundaries between legend and reality of one of the most influential bands in rock history?