NICK MASON - Late Satisfaction

28. August 2018

NICK MASON - Späte Genugtuung

For years Nick Mason has been annoyed about the solo activities of his former band mates Roger Waters and David Gilmour when they take over the Floyd heritage. Now the drummer himself climbs into the ring to put the joint musical legacy on stage in the right light. His band Saucerful Of Secrets is a means of overcoming frustration and nurturing the psychedelic early work that Waters and Gilmour avoid.

PINK FLOYD - Exhibition "Their Mortal Remains" in Dortmund

21. August 2018

PINK FLOYD - Ausstellung „Their Mortal Remains“ in Dortmund

After London and Rome, the celebrated Pink Floyd exhibition "Their Mortal Remains" stops in Dortmund. In the Dortmunder U, a landmark of the city, which was converted from the brewery building into a centre for art and culture, a multimedia experience awaits the visitors from 15 September, which brings the guests not only the music of the legendary British band, but also the personality of its members closer. The Dutchman Edwin Jacobs, director of the Dortmunder U and artistic director of the Pink Floyd exhibition, spoke to the eclipsed about "Their Mortal Remains".

eclipsed: After the two world metropolises London and Rome, the exhibition is now taking place in Dortmund. Not exactly a world metropolis. Why much the choice on Dortmund?

eclipsed No. 196 / 12-2017 - 1-2018

18. July 2018

PINK FLOYD - The farm of animals

13. December 2017

PINK FLOYD - The farm of animals

It's Pink Floyd's fault. The story of the extent to which the escalating material battles of prog and art rock in the mid-seventies, accompanied by overestimation of one's own self and megalomania, helped to cause punk, has been told a hundred times. It is true that the adolescents of those years who were affected by a recession lost touch with their idols, especially in England. But this movement was not a one-way street. The album "Animals" is an impressive example of the effects of the social circumstances that gave birth to punk on a band that was already regarded as dinosaurs at that time. With this surprising record, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright were closer to the Sex Pistols than their contemporaries could have known.

ROGER WATERS - Late victory

25. May 2017

ROGER WATERS - Late victory

He was tired and exhausted, had already talked too much the last few days and had to step down a bit today. What the manager of Roger Waters passes on to the representative of the New York record company in the best sergeant manner shows little respect for half a dozen journalists who travelled from all over the world to the Big Apple to speak to the former Pink Floyd mastermind. All dates on a rainy Thursday noon at the end of April will be severely shortened. A nonchalant approach, which is not even communicated to most of those affected, in order to avoid resentment.

eclipsed No. 185 / 11-2016

31. December 2016

PINK FLOYD - The early years

Half a century after the founding of the band and two years after the end of Pink Floyd announced by David Gilmour, the art-rock legend presents "The Early Years 1965-1972", a box full of 27 CDs full of rarities from her early years. We take this publication as an opportunity to recapitulate these eight formative years - the prehistory of a world career. We also let Nick Mason speak in detail about the huge archive box and his memories of that phase.

GROBSCHNITT - Rockpalastrevolte

DAVID GILMOUR - The master of guitar solos turns 70

17. February 2016

DAVID GILMOUR - The master of guitar solos turns 70

The light goes out, the crackling of tension, the anticipation charges the air electrically. When the almost 70-year-old enters the stage slowly in the dim light, the emotions unload. With every step by David Gilmour a piece of music history goes on stage. The audience is aware of his career, which lasted almost half a century. The man has charisma, an aura that spreads before he even plays a note or sings a word. Wherever Gilmour has played during his tour that began last year or will play in the summer of 2016, there has always been or will always be the same reception.

eclipsed No. 173 / 9-2015

09. December 2015

PINK FLOYD - 40 Years Wish You Were Here

"Like a power plant without electronics" - With "Barefoot To The Moon" ECHOES pull the plug at Pink Floyd

26. November 2015

"Like a power plant without electronics" - With "Barefoot To The Moon" ECHOES pull the plug at Pink Floyd

eclipsed: You are celebrating your twentieth anniversary at the moment and are travelling electrically with Pink Floyd music for a correspondingly long time. With "Barefoot To The Moon - An Acoustic Tribute To Pink Floyd" you now succeed in staging the bombastic classics of the art rockers in strictly acoustic garb in a completely new way and thus bring out unknown facets. How did this concept come about?

Steffen Maier: Yes, at first you think Pink Floyd acoustically, it's like a power station without electronics. The first time I had this thought was when I read that Nick Mason would have liked to do something like this with Pink Floyd. And if that's what Nick Mason thinks, maybe it's really possible.

eclipsed: David Gilmour actually gave an acoustic show at the London Meltdown Festival in the Royal Festival Hall in June 2001, which was also released on DVD as "David Gilmour In Concert".

PINK FLOYD - 40 Years Wish You Were Here

26. August 2015

PINK FLOYD - 40 Years Wish You Were Here

Perhaps the myth of "Wish You Were Here" began that Thursday, June 5, 1975 - with the mysterious visitor at Abbey Road Studios. Pink Floyd were working on the final mix of the core of their upcoming album, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", a song about their former frontman Syd Barrett and his unstoppable mental decay. Suddenly a bald, fat, confused-looking man stands in the room, all dressed in white, with shaved eyebrows and a white plastic bag in his hand. At first the musicians thought it was an unknown EMI employee, but on closer inspection David Gilmour became suspicious: "Do you recognize him? Look at him closely," he whispered to Nick Mason with tears in his eyes. The band had not seen their former colleague and friend for several years. The last contacts were in 1970, when Gilmour and Roger Waters and Gilmour and Rick Wright Barrett had helped out with his two solo albums.