POPOL VUH - An eternally searching visionary

10. December 2021

POPOL VUH - Ein ewig suchender Visionär

After five groundbreaking albums by the Krautrock project Popol Vuh around the spiritual visionary Florian Fricke were re-released two years ago in the LP boxset "Vol. 1: The Essential Collection", a second one now follows with "Vol. 2: Acoustic & Ambient Spheres", which contains four more works by the music collective: two soundtracks for films by Werner Herzog ("Herz aus Glas" and "Cobra Verde"), plus the classic "Seligpreisung" as well as the lesser-known album "Agape - Agape". Reason enough for eclipsed to take a closer look at the phenomenon Popol Vuh: What makes Florian Fricke's music so unique?

POPOL VUH - Emotional Enlightenment

23. May 2019

POPOL VUH - Emotionale Erleuchtung

The German band around their mastermind Florian Fricke is counted as Krautrock, but Popol Vuh were always musically an outsider among the outsiders. From 1970 the band released 20 albums for 30 years until Fricke's death in 2001. Five of them - "Affenstunde" (1970), "Hosianna Mantra" (1972), "Einsjäger & Siebenjäger" (1975) as well as the soundtracks for the Werner Herzog films "Aguirre" (1975) and "Nosferatu" (1978) - will now be released individually on CD in a first season (two more will follow in autumn 2019 and spring 2020) and in a 5-player LP box.

Frank Fiedler, founding member and musical mountain guide Frickes for all these years, is not only a musician, but also a filmmaker who has been involved in various films as a cameraman, screenwriter, director and sound designer. He has now remastered the new edition of the Popol Vuh albums.

eclipsed: Frank, why is this new vinyl box and the re-release of the Popol Vuh albums on CD happening?