PURE REASON REVOLUTION - "That was like a musical reset, a new position finding"

16. April 2020

PURE REASON REVOLUTION - „Das war wie ein musikalischer Reset, eine neue Standortbestimmung“

On their debut album "The Dark Third" (2006), prog, post-rock, electronics, psychedelic rock and britpop fed the musical cosmos of Pure Reason Revolution. The English magazine "Q" hailed them at the time as the "missing link between Pink Floyd and the 21st century". However, with the two following albums "Amor Vincit Omnia" (2009) and "Hammer And Anvil" (2010) and a generally stronger turn towards electronic music, guitarist and singer Jon Courtney and singer and bassist Chloë Alper no longer lived up to this description. After a break of almost eight years, Pure Reason Revolution returned with an inspiring performance at last year's Midsummer Prog Festival. The new album "Eupnea" will follow this April.

eclipsed No. 91 / 4-2007

09. April 2014

Turn It On Again! - Comeback of the year?

The big reunion fever doesn't stop at Genesis either. In June, the old masters of 70s progressive rock and tasty to tasty 80s pop go on their first tour (with Banks/Rutherford/Collins) in 15 years. Before that, they are still waiting with ambitious re-issues from their opulent back catalogue. eclipsed met the band for an exclusive interview in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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