RAIN surprise as a small prog supergroup with a very special mix

21. January 2021

RAIN überraschen als kleine Prog-Supergroup mit ganz speziellem Mix

John Jowitt is best known from IQ, with whom he vibrated the bass strings for two decades (1991-2011). During their time together he was able to build up a solid rhythm foundation with drummer Andy Edwards, which the two of them took over with Frost*. The musical threads then merged with ELO veteran Bev Bevan in the band Quill, so it wasn't a long way to Rob Groucutt - son of the late ELO bassist Kelly Groucutt - who is a singer and multi-instrumentalist in his own right. The extraordinary young talent Mirron Webb, an excellent guitarist as well as a singer, had met Groucutt and Edwards as their music student at a college in Worcestershire, England. Together, Jowitt, Edwards, Groucutt and Webb now formed the band Rain. "We wanted a short, catchy name, like Yes, and we went from 'Reign' to 'Rain'," explains Rob Groucutt.