eclipsed No. 180 / 5-2016

31. December 2016

KING CRIMSON - Always back to the beginning

MONSTERS OF ROCK - Ritchie Blackmore celebrates his very own rock classics on the Loreley

22. June 2016

MONSTERS OF ROCK - Ritchie Blackmore celebrates his very own rock classics on the Loreley

17.6.2016 Loreley: "I have a feeling we´re not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the Rainbow."

All the mud and rain became instantly irrelevant as Ritchie Blackmore with his Rainbow on the Loreley, re-formed for three concerts, after this sequence from "The Wizard of Oz" starts with "Highway Star". Previously, Thin Lizzy and Manfred Mann´s Earth Band had rung in the new edition of the "Monsters Of Rock". Blackmore, who hadn't played a rock concert for 19 years, was the "Master of Cermony", and led the 15,000 visitors sovereign through a 13-song classic set with tracks he wrote for Rainbow and Deep Purple. The Chilean singer Ronnie Romero became the "best Ronnie since Ronnie (Dio)" and the version of "Stargazer" was breathtaking.

RAINBOW - The Monster Of Rock

20. April 2016

RAINBOW - The Monster Of Rock

When on the night of August 16th 1980 in Castle Donnington in central England a fireworks display after Rainbow's headliner gig ended the first "Monsters Of Rock" festival, a great event concept had passed its baptism of fire. Crowned by the performance of one of the best hardrock live bands in the world. At the same time it was the end of the short Bonnet era. When the ex-Marbels singer ("Only One Woman") joined the band in 1979, he had no experience as a hard rock shouter. With him Blackmore wanted to dare the balancing act of producing not only epic hard rock but also melodic rock with pop appeal in order to get into the charts.

RITCHIE BLACKMORE - 70 years old - and a little quietly

23. April 2015

RITCHIE BLACKMORE - 70 years old - and a little quietly

When Richard Hugh Blackmore was born on 14 April 1945 in Weston-super-Mare in the English county of Somerset, he did not even allow himself to be sworn into a bourgeois life. At the age of eleven - the family now lives in Heston near London - he is given his first guitar and wants to become a musician. He takes lessons from studio guitarist Big Jim Sullivan. His career as a musician began in 1963. The most important experience: the show lessons of Screaming Lord Sutch. He heard Ian Paice for the first time during a stay at a star club. The drummer impressed him so much that he later brought him into the band instead of Deep Purple founder Chris Curtis. This is how Blackmore's Hire and fire mentality became apparent early on.

eclipsed No. 152 / 7/8-2013

12. April 2014

New Songs from the Black Box

It's actually there, the first Black Sabbath album with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years! While fans believed that they had misheard themselves when they first announced this pact, they are now holding a recording of "13" in their hands that is not only real, but also successful. And this although Osbourne had a bad relapse into his old drug routine during the sessions. Buddy Geezer Butler gives eclipsed insights into the mood of the band and the processes inside and outside the studio.