ROBERT REED - A musician with 1000 faces

10. December 2021

ROBERT REED - Ein Musiker mit 1000 Gesichtern

Rob Reed is one of the most versatile and prolific progressive sound tinkerers of our time. He recently released the album "The Ringmaster: Part One", which follows his Mike Oldfield bows, which he has been releasing since 2014 under the project title "Sanctuary". However, he is best known to the prog community as the founder of the neo-prog band Magenta, whose debut "Revolutions" was released in 2001. Other projects include Cyan, Chimpan A and Kompendium. How does this man do it?

This year, multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed commemorated his musical beginnings with the band project Cyan with a new recording of the debut album "For King And Country" from 1993. With Chimpan A (two albums since 2006) and his homage to the electronic pioneers of the 70s "Cursus 123 430" (2020), he also mixed in the electronic cosmos. The project Kompendium (2012/13), in turn, involved stars of the prog rock scene such as Steve Hackett, Jakko Jakszyk and Mel Collins.

ROBERT REED "Sanctuary"

04. September 2014

Multi-instrumentalist Robert Reed is known for his band Magenta. Now he has fulfilled a wish as an admirer of the early Mike Oldfield works and recorded an instrumental work in the spirit of "Tubular Bells" and "Ommadawn". He received competent help from Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth, the producers of the tubular bells.