SHAMALL traces the ecological inconsistencies of our actions

31. January 2020

SHAMALL spürt den ökologischen Inkonsistenzen unseres Tuns nach

Norbert Krüler alias Shamall had accumulated enough trouble besides creative abundance to present mankind with a new double CD concept album. On "Schizophrenia" he deals with all kinds of self-torture: "The whole album is about this socio-political, but also everyday schizophrenia. Actually, we all know exactly what one should do, but then we are masters in looking away and not doing it. When it comes to environmental protection, just take plastic waste as an example. Where did all those yellow bags come from? Or people who regret that our generation has failed in this task, but then just book a cruise. All these incredible contradictions. None of us are angels. And yet, so much could be accomplished in small ways. That's why the theme song says, "I'm walking down the street. I know what's wrong, but I'm not doing anything. I'm not even turning around.'"

SHAMALL - Musical history lessons against a meditative backdrop

26. October 2016

SHAMALL - Musical history lessons against a meditative backdrop

SHAMALL has delivered with the 5 CD box "History Book" an impressive show of their work; three decades are a lot of wood, also in the music industry. Norbert Krüler alias Shamall has long since created his own "feel-good zone" between prog, space rock and electronics. "History Book" offers a rich overview of his work. From a total of 13 albums from the period between 1989 and 2009, he has selected.

eclipsed: With the 5 CD box "History Book" you have delivered an impressive work exhibition. How did this project come about - why this comprehensive retrospective now, what was the occasion?

Norbert Krüler: The reason was of course Shamall's 30th anniversary. So a fitting occasion for a musical review "from the beginning to now".

eclipsed: How did you approach this project? How did you select the songs and distribute them over the CDs?

Music From Time And Space Vol. 62

21. September 2016

MARILLION - The New Kings (IV): Why Is Nothing Ever True? (3:10)
Album: FEAR - Fuck Everyone And Run (2016)
Label/Distribution: earMUSIC/Edel

Politics and prog united in emotionally stirring, wonderfully arranged longtracks - the new album of the British prog legend has it all. Marillion take a clear stand against the steadily growing, unholy power of capital and wrap their "Protestalbum" (Steve Hogarth) in graceful, experimental, stirring songs.