SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM continue their end time story with "Percipio Ergo Sum

13. June 2021

SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM setzt mit „Percipio Ergo Sum“ seine Endzeitstory fort

The famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once went down in history with his call "Back to Nature!". Philosophically strong is also Single Celled Organism mastermind Jens Lueck on the sequel of his concept album "Splinter In The Eye".

eclipsed: When you delivered the first SCO album in 2017 and in it 85 percent of humanity perishes due to a virus, you couldn't have anticipated the Corona pandemic, after all. Did that make you uncomfortable afterwards?

Jens Lueck: Very much so...I was also asked about it quite often!

eclipsed: Did the pandemic with all its consequences, lockdown, etc. change anything in terms of the storyline? And did you get a different view on the story itself?