THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT say goodbye to Rock'n'Roll illusions and strike a more serene note

21. February 2018

THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT say goodbye to Rock'n'Roll illusions and strike a more serene note

It's been two years since Phil Campbell sat at the Ramones Museum in Berlin and swaggered about his band's new album. In December 2017 the scenery seems to be exactly the same. Apart from the fact that the Ramones pilgrimage site has moved to another address - from the expensive centre to the more suitable party neighbourhood at Oberbaumbrücke - and that The Temperance Movement have now completed a new, third album.

But much more has changed: The band, which in 2015 became a hot live tip from a standing start and made their debut in the top ten of the kingdom, had to grow up in a fast run and take a few low blows. Bandkopf Campbell speaks of this right at the beginning: "The last five years have been hard, and at the beginning of 2017 it was completely open whether we would be at the end."

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 85

20. January 2016

WITCHCRAFT - The Outcast (edit) (4:57)
Album: Nucleus (2016)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner www.nuclearblast.de

The times when you could imprint Witchcraft stamps like Doom or Stoner are over from "Nucleus". The Swedes have created an album that is as stylistically diverse as it is in love with detail. This is retro and modern at the same time. Last month's album is a record to fall in love with!


23. November 2015

When the British band first spoke with an EP in 2012, critics and music fans were overwhelmed. Those who remained skeptical took her to their hearts after the success of her debut album in 2013. The Rolling Stones let herself be supported by her, perhaps because she reminded her a little of her "Sticky Fingers" time. Ian Paice (Deep Purple) used the musicians of the group in various ways. That's how Phil Campbell sang at the big Jon Lord night at the Royal Albert Hall. Bassist Nick Fyfe was also involved. Their second longplayer "White Bear" should be able to fuel the hype around them even further.