Track premiere: MT AMBER "Amok"

20. March 2019

The German Prog Band MT AMBER presents an exclusive live version of the song "Amok" from their soon to be released debut album (VÖ 5.4.2019).

Mt. Amber - Amok (LIVE)

Video/song quotes

Track premiere: HEXVESSEL "Changeling"

15. February 2019

The Forest Folk Band HEXVESSEL is proud to present a brand new music video for the single "Changeling" from their fourth studio album "All Tree", which will be released today. You can watch the video of "Changeling" here exclusively...

Track premiere: RPWL "A New World"

10. January 2019

RPWL present with "A New World" the first video for the new album "Tales from Outer Space" which will be released on 22.03.

Track premiere: FLARES "Ikarus"

09. November 2018

Listen to a fresh track of the German Post Rock/Prog-Band FLARES, from their current album "Allegorhythms"...

Flares - „Ikarus“ (Official Video)

Track premiere: PAVALLION "Stratospheria"

26. October 2018

The four Krefeld guys are PAVALLION releasing their second album "Stratospheria" today. There are only three atmospheric longtracks, which, according to the PR text, "leave a lot of room and gradually unfold into expansive epics - from the lonely, quiet echo in infinite expanses to the dense, impenetrable guitar wall. Warm, hypnotic post-rock meets modern psychedelic and reminds some of the good old Pink Floyd sound."

Track premiere: ARENA "Poisoned"

26. October 2018

The legendary UK rockers are ARENAfighting cancer with the single "Poisoned" and announce tour dates for 2019...

09.04. Z7, Pratteln (CH) 10
.04. Backstage, Munich 11
.04. Das Rind, Rüsselsheim 12
.04. Carl Mine, Essen 14
.04. Neuberinhaus, Reichenbach

Track premiere: THE WEIGHT "Rich Man's Pride"

28. September 2018

After the uptempo rocker "Trouble", THE WEIGHT the selection of their new single makes a clear statement to focus on their musical versatility.

Track premiere: NO MAN'S VALLEY "Read"

27. September 2018

The Dutch Psych/Stoner band will NO MAN'S VALLEY release their new album "Outside The Dream" on Tonzonen Records in spring 2019. Listen here exclusively to a first track of it...

No Man's Valley - Lies

Track premiere: EYEVORY "Inphantasia"

15. June 2018

Trackpremiere: EYEVORY "Inphantasia"

On their current album "Inphantasia" the prog rockers take EYEVORY their listeners on a journey back to childhood. In the title track of the same name the adventure begins and invites you to dream. The video recordings were stored in a dusty drawer for over a year because the ideas for a second level of mini-film had not yet matured. But true to the motto "What lasts a long time is finally good", these have been found in the meantime and implemented with great attention to detail...

Track premiere: DEAD MAN'S EYES "This Old Place"

07. June 2018

Trackpremiere: DEAD MAN'S EYES "Words Of Prey"

After the band locked themselves in their rehearsal room for DEAD MAN'S EYES two years and, according to the promo text, "merely fed on coffee and their own hair", they now step back into daylight. The new album "Words Of Prey" will be released on Tonzonen Records as limited color LP, CD and Digital. Listen here exclusively to a first song...