UFO - "You could never stay mad at someone like Pete for long"

02. November 2020

UFO - „Du konntest jemandem wie Pete nie lange böse sein“

Pete Way, founding member of UFO and influential bassist, unfortunately had other weaknesses besides music. In less than a year and a half, UFO's rockurge rocks recorded no less than three bereavements: On April 13, 2019, multi-instrumentalist Paul Raymond died of a heart attack during a tour break at the age of 73. Guitarist Paul Chapman passed away on June 9th of this year, his 66th birthday, and on August 14th, just one week after his birthday, UFO co-founder Peter Frederick Way died at the age of 69 from the late effects of a serious accident. This leaves only singer Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker from the line-up that recorded the most successful UFO album "No Place To Run" (1980).

eclipsed No. 168 / 3-2015

09. December 2015

LED ZEPPELIN - The last flight of the Zeppelin: the history of "Physical Graffiti" in the

mid-seventies Led Zeppelin had reached its second artistic zenith and documented this in a unique way with "Physical Graffiti", the band's only double album. Until today it is Robert Plant's favourite record with the group, probably also because the formation before and after has never been more expressive and multi-faceted. Released on February 24, 1975, "Physical Graffiti" was the first record in rock history to achieve platinum status through pre-orders alone.

UFO - Finally scandal-free!

19. February 2015

UFO - Finally scandal-free!

A normal band will never become from the once rock'n'roll lifestyle shaken UFO probably. But since the US guitar witch Vinnie Moore joined the band in 2003, the English hard rock rocks have been on a consolidation course. The latest album "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is further proof of this.

In the beginning the cooperation of UFO with Vinnie Moore seemed to take getting used to. On the one hand there was the down-to-earth ex-Vicious-Rumours guitarist, on the other there was the infamous troupe, who - due to excessive alcohol and drug consumption - did not leave out any fat cups. However, their "powerful" singer Phil Mogg has become much calmer, and the scandalous duo Pete Way and Michael Schenker have been permanently removed from the band structure. Way briefly helped out Ozzy Osbourne, but even the Madman found the endless celebration too much. O-tone Ozzy: "Keeping up with Pete for a whole tour - nobody can do that."