UFO - Finally scandal-free!

19. February 2015


UFO - Finally scandal-free!

A normal band will never become from the once rock'n'roll lifestyle shaken UFO probably. But since the US guitar witch Vinnie Moore joined the band in 2003, the English hard rock rocks have been on a consolidation course. The latest album "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is further proof of this.

In the beginning the cooperation of UFO with Vinnie Moore seemed to take getting used to. On the one hand there was the down-to-earth ex-Vicious-Rumours guitarist, on the other there was the infamous troupe, who - due to excessive alcohol and drug consumption - did not leave out any fat cups. However, their "powerful" singer Phil Mogg has become much calmer, and the scandalous duo Pete Way and Michael Schenker have been permanently removed from the band structure. Way briefly helped out Ozzy Osbourne, but even the Madman found the endless celebration too much. O-tone Ozzy: "Keeping up with Pete for a whole tour - nobody can do that."

Way, who was finally forbidden by the authorities to enter the USA and was therefore replaced there by a guest musician, also had to fit in the studio: The recordings for "The Visitor" (2008) ran without him for health reasons. Moore, who rose to become one of the most influential neoclassical rock guitarists after Yngwie Malmsteen with his instrumental solo album "Mind's Eye" (1986), remembers his years with Way: "Even if the stories about Pete now have legendary status, they are mostly true. As a musician, I've always appreciated him."

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