VVLVA - It must crackle!

30. October 2019

VVLVA - Es muss knistern!

Vvlva - these are five young men from Aschaffenburg, who have dedicated themselves to the 60's/70's retrorock and now after the 2018's "Path Of Virtue" with "Silhouettes" present the second album. Vvlva not only confirms the quality of the debut, but also enhances it. Eclipsed spoke with singer Tobias Ritter.

eclipsed: Already after the first album there was an interview with eclipsed. Now also after the second album. Great odds, huh?

Tobias Ritter: Of course, it's a big deal for us!

eclipsed: Now so shortly after the release of the new album: Can you say what you think about "Silhouettes"?

On the path of virtue with VVLVA

09. April 2018

On the path of virtue with VVLVA

"A real retro rock surprise!" The verdict of eclipsed author Walter Sehrer on Vvlva is clear. The young Aschaffenburg quintet with the explicit band name is inspired similar to Siena Root by the hard rock of the early seventies, when the Hammond sang with Deep Purple and Uriah Heep and a heavy guitar in duet. A strong pinch of psychedelic was added to the spice mix on the debut album "Path Of Virtue". In addition to the magazine interview, we offer an exclusive online interview with singer Tobias Ritter.

eclipsed: What made you choose the name Vvlva? What does it mean to you in a band where only young gentlemen are involved? Is there perhaps also a little deliberate provocation behind it, like for example similar to the boys of Black Pussy?

Tobias Ritter: We are all begotten and born. So why not a name of fertility or a name that symbolizes creativity?