1969 DIE ZEITENWENDE: Blown dreams, new visions

14. May 2019

1969 DIE ZEITENWENDE: Geplatzte Träume, neue Visionen

The dominant theme of the year, despite the fresh wind blowing through the Federal Republic of Germany with the election of Social Democrat Willy Brandt as Chancellor, and despite oppressive news from Vietnam and Ireland, is the landing of the Apollo 11 crew on the moon. On earth the longings of the hippies burst in Altamont at the latest, rock as "Way Of Life" has lost its innocence. On the other hand, rock music is just really taking off, the Krauts are springing up, jazzers are discovering rock, King Crimson is the prog that Zeppelin is circling - new visions for the seventies.

"ROCK'N'ROLL-WAR" VIETNAM - This is the End

23. September 2015

"ROCK'N'ROLL-WAR" VIETNAM - This is the End

40 years ago the Vietnam War ended, also known as the "Rock'n'Roll War". He influenced countless bands, and their music influenced the warriors. The protests against the war led to the golden era of rock music and Woodstock. While this still has an effect in the West today, it looks quite different in the former war country Vietnam. eclipsed reports from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The evening street sound of Ho-Chi-Minh City, the former Saigon, is still full of moped rattling as exotic music sounds slide in between. They come from a city park. You can clearly hear a hint of Asian pathos. A singer, dainty, steadfast and rushing with red flags, sings patriotic pop. "Nhạc Đỏ", Red Music, glorifies the heroic deeds of men and women who left their families to join the struggle against the French and Americans.