WUCAN - Retro Rock with Romanticism and Women's Power

22. October 2015

WUCAN - Retro Rock with Romanticism and Women's Power

eclipsed: Tell me the origin of the band.

Francis Tobolsky: Well, I started the band with an ad when I moved to Dresden four years ago to study. In my old hometown Chemnitz I didn't see the chance to find like-minded people. My claim was to make classic blues rock by Free and Rory Gallagher. First of all our drummer Axel Pätzold reported himself on the ad and peu à peu they all came together. About Tim George on guitar and finally Patrick Dröge on bass.

eclipsed: And how did you find your way to this special sound, a mix of classic hard & blues rock with Tull's flute, Krautrock influences and modern retro rock à la Blues Pills?

Music From Time And Space Vol. 58

23. September 2015

CALIGULA'S HORSE - Marigold (6:17)
Album: Bloom (2015)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Universal

Already on the predecessor "The Tide, The Thief & Riverʼs End" the Australians had shown amazing maturity. But "Bloom" goes a long way further, combining the strengths of Porcupine Tree, Haken, Periphery and Opeth. Jim Grey is also once again a hot candidate for the "Singer of the Year". (RELEASE: 16.10.)

WUCAN "Sow The Wind"

22. September 2015

The young four-piece Dresden combo Wucan combines retro rock with Jethro Tull flute, a strong blues foundation, a dynamic hard rock component and herbaceous influences.