SPACE INVADERS - Magic of the Moment

05. September 2022

SPACE INVADERS - Magie des Moments

During the pandemic, Space Invaders also had no choice but to record a new album in the studio. The psych-space rockers are primarily known for their live shows and live albums. So the new "Garden Of The Wizard" is already the fifth album of the band, but only the second pure studio album. And yet it exudes the trippy charm of a concert - as usual with sprawling long tracks.

MRS. KITE - a man of conviction with staying power

30. May 2020

MRS. KITE - Überzeugungstäter mit langem Atem

Seven years after "A Closer Inspection" Mrs. Kite now releases her third album "Flickering Lights". It was worth the wait: The album presents a modern progressive rock that doesn't need to hide from the big names of the scene. Florian Schuch (vocals, keyboards), his brother Ferdinand (guitar), Philipp Verenkotte (bass) and Lukas Preußer (drums) have now released three albums - the first in 2006 still under the old band name It's Us.

Like its two predecessors, Flickering Lights" won the German Rock and Pop Award in the category "Best Progressive Band". But the prize didn't bring Mrs. Kite much luck, as the band remained rather an unknown quantity in the local prog scene despite their undeniable great qualities. That should and can now change with the new album that eclipsed talked about with the Cologne quartet.

eclipsed: For three years you worked on the album. Why did it take so long?

DIE WILDE JAGD - On the border between physical and mental

27. May 2020

DIE WILDE JAGD - Auf der Grenze zwischen Physis und Seele

In 1872 Peter Nicolai Arbo painted his picture "The Wild Hunt", which shows a scene from Nordic-Germanic mythology with dramatic light-shadow contrasts. Sebastian Lee Philipp, producer and songwriter from Berlin, was so impressed by this painting that he named his musical project after it. That was around 2015, and after the untitled debut, in which Die Wilde Jagd still consisted of the duo Sebastian Lee Philipp and the Düsseldorf producer Ralf Beck, "Uhrwald Orange" (in which Beck was only co-producer) followed in 2018. "Haut", the new, third work of Die Wilde Jagd, is as rich in contrast as Arbos picture: electronics, medieval sounds, krautrock, avant-garde - all this comes together here in four long tracks, in a magical triangle of subtle melodies, hypnotic rhythms and indefinable sounds. eclipsed spoke with Sebastian Lee Philipp.

LAZULI - Music as elixir of life

21. February 2020

LAZULI - Musik als Lebenselixier

The quintet LAZULI from the south of France is a guarantor for emotional music based on the progressive rock and art rock of the 1970s, yet sounding completely independent - as on "Le Fantastique Envol de Dieter Böhm" (Engl: The Fantastic Flight of Dieter Böhm), their first concept work. This is intended as a bow to the band's loyal fans and focuses on the special interaction between the band and its listeners

"But you have a lot of work with Lazuli," laughs singer/guitarist/main composer Dominique Leonetti when arranging the interview date. It doesn't matter - because in the case of the current album it's worthwhile once again to work intensively on the lyrics, although as a non-native speaker you often have to resort to a dictionary. Leonetti is again happy about this additional effort and is chatting accordingly relaxed about the band dynamics, the German fans and about the fact that Lazuli lyrics have meanwhile even found their way into French lessons.

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS - Without music you can't go

27. January 2020

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS - Ohne Musik geht es nicht

They were burnt out, empty, aimless. After the second album "Start Stop Worrying" (2013) the motivation to continue making music had reached zero. The Shaking Sensations had fallen into an existential crisis. But now the quintet from Copenhagen presents a new, famous post rock album with "How Are We To Fight The Blight? Full of New Artrock, which is completely dedicated to the instrumental Walls Of Sound and combines opposites like quiet and loud, fast and slow or friendly and dark. Guitarist Jeppe Nygaard Christensen explains eclipsed the background.

eclipsed: How happy are you that a new album of yours has been released after all?

Jeppe Nygaard Christensen: We are very happy. Two years ago we didn't think that we would make an album together again. It is a great relief that the album is finally out. We are proud to have come back again with an album that we think is our best and most ambitious yet.

ECHOLONS)))) - Behind the mysterious door

12. December 2019

ECHOLONS))) - Hinter der mysteriösen Tür

echolons)))), this is the Marburg band, which currently consists of the two band founders Daniel Dorn (vocals, guitar) and René Zeuner (guitar, keyboards) as well as bassist Martin Brasche and drummer Hendrik Prause. After the two albums "Shoshaku Jushaku, Shake!" (2008), "About Sugar And Other Bitter Things" (2010) and the EP "Mount Neverest" the quartet now presents their third album "Idea Of A Labyrinth". A literally progressive mix of Artrock, Pop, Prog and Independent. Daniel Dorn and René Zeuner answered eclipsed questions about the new plant.

eclipsed: It is difficult to categorize your music. In the eclipsed review of the new album "Idea Of A Labyrinth" we chose "Prog-Pop/Indie/New Artrock". How do you value your music?

VVLVA - It must crackle!

30. October 2019

VVLVA - Es muss knistern!

Vvlva - these are five young men from Aschaffenburg, who have dedicated themselves to the 60's/70's retrorock and now after the 2018's "Path Of Virtue" with "Silhouettes" present the second album. Vvlva not only confirms the quality of the debut, but also enhances it. Eclipsed spoke with singer Tobias Ritter.

eclipsed: Already after the first album there was an interview with eclipsed. Now also after the second album. Great odds, huh?

Tobias Ritter: Of course, it's a big deal for us!

eclipsed: Now so shortly after the release of the new album: Can you say what you think about "Silhouettes"?

XXL interview: JOHN MAYALL - The Blues Service Provider

27. February 2019

JOHN MAYALL - Der Bluesdienstleister

Blues! The British resident of Los Angeles has never been interested in anything else. For 56 years, he has cultivated this musical variety according to all the rules of art, is regarded as either a luminary, an institution or a guardian of the Grail, was a springboard for many famous colleagues - and fortunately he doesn't even think about doing anything else in his old days. Marcel Anders spoke to the old master about the release of his 36th album.

eclipsed: John Mayall, "Nobody Told Me" was created in Dave Grohl's 606 studio.

John Mayall: That's right.

eclipsed: Since he often hangs out there and likes to jam with other artists: Did you meet him in person?