SPACE DEBRIS have found their dream cast on "Behind The Gate

4. April 2017

Space Debris Underground

SPACE DEBRIS have found their dream cast on "Behind The Gate

Since "Phonomorphosis" (2014) a lot has happened among the Odenwald boys with a tendency towards space debris - both musically and personally. On their new recording "Behind The Gate", for example, keyboard chorales reminiscent of Deep Purple's "April" or Hendrix elements complement the sound. Otherwise it oscillates between Krautrock and Fusion. With Janni Schmidt (bassist in the tour band of Miller Anderson) there is a new addition to Space Debris to announce. "We are just perfectly happy as far as the line-up is concerned," says drummer Christian Jäger. "Janni is a total professional, who has brought completely new possibilities to the band. Everything fits one hundred percent, musically, stylistically and humanly. We've also played a lot of nice gigs in the last few years and improved our recording technique. That's why I think the new disc sounds so balanced."

On "Behind The Gate" the band plays more than before with hard rock motives. Does Space Debris' Modus Operandi of "spontaneous compositions" fade into the background? "It's also because of Janni's bass playing, who supports those styles we like more. We can now play out ideas very confidently and with a sense for proportions and really play them to the end, whereby we still create spontaneously while playing, without any guidelines, only a little more well-founded. "But it gives us even more spontaneous composition and less jam He continues: "The starting point was probably the affection for the long instrumental parts of the early Purple records, but we like The Who, Santana, Hendrix, Zeppelin or Floyd just as much, and we also have influences from 'Bitches Brew' by Miles Davis and from jazz and fusion in general, which we recombine. I think we've developed our own way of playing and working, detached from the influences, with Space Debris, which has recognition value."

A word on the cover of "Behind The Gate": the impressive, at first glance Indian gate to the cosmos is actually the side entrance of a large Palatinate winery. What's another famous old song called? Oh, yeah, Spirit In The Sky

* * * Walter Sehrer