May 2021

BOB DYLAN - 80 Years of Masquerade

19. May 2021

Bob Dylan

BOB DYLAN - 80 Jahre Maskenspiel

Bob Dylan is not only one of the greatest musicians in rock history, he also stands for a constant questioning of his own role and position like no other. As an artist, he hides his true self behind constantly changing masks, not only trying out musical styles like clothes, but also constantly searching for a new identity to present to his audience as "Bob Dylan".


JETHRO TULL - Half a Century of "Aqualung

19. May 2021

Jethro Tull Ian Anderson

JETHRO TULL - Ein halbes Jahrhundert „Aqualung“

On the album cover a homeless man with shaggy hair in a beggar's coat. Aqualung" got its title from his rattling breathing sounds, which sounded like a diver's lung. With its musical class, which combined hard rock, fine folk, romantic classical motifs and jazzy improvisation, the work was well received worldwide and is considered a milestone in Jethro Tull's band history as well as in rock and prog history in general. We roll up the history and meaning of "Aqualung" with mastermind Ian Anderson and guitarist Martin Barre.


RPWL - Silver lining in the german artrock sky

RPWL - Silberstreifen am deutschen Artrock-Himmel

A good twenty years ago RPWL stepped into the limelight with their debut album. Their album "God Has Failed" completely revived the art rock after the Floydian model in German lands. Now the band from Freising celebrates their anniversary with a live recording - in Corona times only for the living room at home. Singer/keyboardist Yogi Lang and guitarist Kalle Wallner talk about the new recording, look back at the time of the album's creation and also tell about the special relationship between RPWL and the Aschaffenburg eclipsed circle.


LAZULI - Abbey Road in the South of France

12. May 2021


LAZULI - Abbey Road in Südfrankreich

The French formation Lazuli is in many ways unique in the progressive rock scene. This is due to their unique musical approach between prog, folk, chanson and world music. It's because of her outfit, her special live presence and her close relationship to her fans. Our guest author Marcus Cordier went on a house visit to Deaux in the south of France. Claude and Dominique Leonetti willingly gave information about their home base, the current album "Dénudé" and the change at the six strings from Gédéric Byar to Arnaud Beyney


NANCY WILSON - "Mama Rock" - A Woman To Steal A Horse From

12. May 2021

Nancy Wilson Heart

NANCY WILSON - „Mama Rock“ – Eine Frau zum Pferdestehlen

Nancy Wilson, best known as the guitarist of Heart, releases her first solo album at the age of 67 - a work with which she counters several misconceptions: for instance, that her band is a purely American phenomenon, that she had her best musical moments in the 1970s and has hardly any relevance today. As far as the latter is concerned, "You And Me" is a resounding slap in the face for all such critics, because the first woman to play lead guitar in a successful rock band shows that she hasn't lost anything, but has learned a lot.



GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - Kunst als Widerstand

We're approaching the apocalypse? No, we're already in the middle of it. This is the credo of the Canadian band Godspeed You! Black Emperor, who herald doom with their eighth album "G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END!". With their own statements to the press, Godspeed You! Black Emperor have always been very reserved. But Ian Ilavsky, co-founder of the Constellation label and close confidant of the band, gives us some insight into the background of an album that is a new beginning of sorts for GY!BE.


STEVE CROPPER, who made the world groove, returns with new album

STEVE CROPPER, der die Welt zum Grooven brachte, kehrt mit neuem Album zurück

If there's one musician who deserves to be called a "veteran", it's the master of grooves who now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Back in the early sixties, he was already shooing dance-hungry teenagers onto the dance floor with Booker T. & The M.G.'s. A storybook career followed, during which Steve Cropper made a name for himself as a guitarist, composer and producer. The down-to-earth musician was not only equally praised by Eric Clapton or Keith Richards, but wrote proverbial evergreens like "Knock On Wood", "In The Midnight Hour" or "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay"


PAT METHENY puts down the guitar and lets others play for him

4. May 2021

Pat Metheny

PAT METHENY legt die Gitarre aus der Hand und lässt andere für sich spielen

Hardly any other musician has revolutionized the electric guitar in the last four and a half decades as fundamentally as Pat Metheny. With his Synclavier guitar and various other technical innovations, but also with his cinematic imagery, he has created countless sound epics. On his new album "Road To The Sun" he does not play himself for long stretches, but lets play.