RPWL - Silver lining in the german artrock sky

19. May 2021

RPWL - Silberstreifen am deutschen Artrock-Himmel

A good twenty years ago RPWL stepped into the limelight with their debut album. Their album "God Has Failed" completely revived the art rock after the Floydian model in German lands. Now the band from Freising celebrates their anniversary with a live recording - in Corona times only for the living room at home. Singer/keyboardist Yogi Lang and guitarist Kalle Wallner talk about the new recording, look back at the time of the album's creation and also tell about the special relationship between RPWL and the Aschaffenburg eclipsed circle.

Kalle Wallner's solo project BLIND EGO grows into a real band

02. March 2020

Kalle Wallners Solo-Projekt BLIND EGO wächst sich zu einer echten Band aus

The two masterminds of RPWL, Kalle Wallner and Yogi Lang, traditionally take creative time out between albums of their main band, which they each fill with solo projects. Guitarist Wallner does this with Blind Ego, who first appeared in 2007 with the album "Mirror". After the last tour for the studio album "Liquid" (2016), the band underwent a line-up change, and this line-up is now also active on the brand new album "Preaching To The Choir". Besides vocalist Scott Balaban it includes drummer Michael Christoph and additionally on guitar and bass Julian Kellner and Sebastian Harnack respectively.

eclipsed: The tour for "Liquid" has apparently stabilized the current formation with singer Scott Balaban. How does the status quo look like with you?

RPWL "We're the aliens!"

15. April 2019

RPWL „Wir sind die Aliens!“

The Freising-based art rockers had recently put great emphasis on concept works, with the multimedia rock opera "A New Dawn" as the highlight. Now RPWL are back, a little more down-to-earth. But they are not down to earth yet, because their "Tales From Outer Space" refer to classic science fiction. And like any good sci-fi, these stories also offer an exciting twist: Visitors from outer space turn away with horror at our actions.

UFOs, threatening tentacles and the RPWL crew in space suits: The cover of the new record is a tribute to spectacular, often creepy stories about the fate of mankind, as known from EC comics series like "Tales From The Crypt" or "Horror", or "Amazing Stories", early science fiction, published in a pulp magazine. RPWL on "Tales From Outer Space" pose the fundamental question of the existence of extraterrestrial life and possible visits to Earth. At the same time the Artrockers find new breath for fresh sound adventures.

Track premiere: RPWL "A New World"

10. January 2019

RPWL present with "A New World" the first video for the new album "Tales from Outer Space" which will be released on 22.03.

RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner takes on the next challenge with BLIND EGO

23. November 2016

RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner takes on the next challenge with BLIND EGO

eclipsed: Just now the soundcheck with RPWL, now the interview for Blind Ego, afterwards the RPWL concert. How do you switch back and forth?

Kalle Wallner: I'm actually used to having all the different construction sites at the same time now. At the latest, since our label Gentle Art Of Music exists, there is always a lot to do. You get used to it, too. RPWL and Blind Ego side by side is actually easy, because I'm heavily involved in both. So that's a pretty good fit.

eclipsed: Seven years have passed since the last blind ego album "Numb". When did you start working on the new album "Liquid"?

eclipsed No. 158 / 3-2014

09. September 2014

In Concert 1974

The star is the music. This was always the credo of Pink Floyds. Nothing should distract from the music and its sound, primarily not the musicians themselves. Nevertheless, the English formation had already had a reputation on their psychedelic days for offering their audience live happenings rather than concerts.

14 classic live releases of the year 1974

eclipsed No. 139 / 4-2012

12. April 2014

Swiss time was running out

When they recorded "Machine Head" forty years ago, it was an extraordinary feat of strength for the British hard rockers. Her management rushed her around the globe in the early seventies, from tour to tour. Also, internal trench warfare was a major problem for the band. In addition, there was an unprecedented chaos at the recording location in Montreux, Switzerland. But at the end it stood, the legendary sixth record of Deep Purple.

Creative Decay Process of a Band

eclipsed No. 118 / 3-2010

11. April 2014

PETER GABRIEL External Blood

After eight years Peter Gabriel presents a new studio album. For the Englishman known as a ponderous inventor, this is a blink of an eye. After all, he didn't stop writing fresh songs either, but reinterpreted important pieces by well-known colleagues like David Bowie, Neil Young or Lou Reed. To eclipsed he reveals what drove him to it.

The Prog's management forge

eclipsed No. 100 / 4-2008

10. April 2014

eclipsed at Rockpalast
"Tschörmen tellewischen praudli prisents..."

"Rockpalast" - this name still awakens happy memories of long nights, great parties and extraordinary concerts for rock fans decades later. And the palace still keeps its portal open today. But it was the early "Rockpalast" nights that gave the musical building its historic glory.

100 memorable events in rock history

eclipsed No. 40 / 3-2002

08. April 2014