CARLOS SANTANA - Number 4 lives!

24. April 2014


CARLOS SANTANA - Number 4 lives!

After the creative bang "Caravanserei", the classic Santana line-up was finally separated in 1972. Carlos Santana is neither the type who regrets anything nor extends artistic differences to the private sphere. Over the years he has cultivated a friendly relationship with his former companions: Wherever he met former members of his band, he hugged them warmly, chatted with them and invited them to a joint jam. Nevertheless, it took more than forty years before all those involved sat down at the same table and pondered new joint projects.

These are now in progress, but will not be completed until 2015 after Carlos' world tour to "Corazon". With this new album the 66 year old continues the concept of his '99 bestseller "Supernatural". This time with Latin artists and a sound that will make the fans of the old Santana band either amused or horrified. For example, he puts "Oye Como Va" in a dance version next to lots of heartbreak ballads. That's why eclipsed prefers to concentrate on what's coming rather than what's current in an interview with the old master.

eclipsed: Carlos, what makes you want to try the team of the first three albums again?

Carlos Santana: The love of music, man. And the respect for these people, who are really outstanding musicians, real luminaries. I don't remember how we came up with the idea of really making another album, but Neil, Gregg, Michael and Mike have talked over the years about trying it again sometime. And when I played in Las Vegas for several months last year, we met and said, "Okay, now or never". After that, everything went pretty fast.

eclipsed: How far along are you?

Santana: We have started. We met a few times and jammed. Some really good things came out of it. More than I would have hoped in my wildest dreams.

eclipsed: Speak?

Santana: It rocks, man. It's alive. It jumps in your face and really shakes you up. (laughs) Seriously, it really doesn't sound like a bunch of old men who are completely out of practice. The magic, the famous spark and the fire were immediately back, as if we had never stopped. That was really a big surprise. That made me very proud and happy. I had tears in my eyes when we went through the first rehearsal. I thought, "Damn, why didn't I do this a long time ago? Why have I waited so long for this?"

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