CARLOS SANTANA - The hippie with the guitar

07. November 2021

CARLOS SANTANA - Der Hippie mit der Gitarre

Old master Carlos Santana is not thinking about quitting: With "Blessings And Miracles", the 74-year-old continues to pursue ambitious goals that are not only musical in nature. "Love & peace" - something else has never interested the Mexican-American guitarist and songwriter Carlos Santana. With this hippie message, which is as simple as it is universally applicable, he has reached an audience of millions - and it is, of course, also the linchpin of "Blessings And Miracles", the 26th studio album by his band Santana. On the occasion of the release, eclipsed had a conversation with him about self-realization, space tourism, LSD trips, police violence and the power of music.

eclipsed: Carlos, what is "Blessings And Miracles" about for you?

SANTANA - Jambo-Jams

31. July 2019

SANTANA - Jambo-Jams

It was a small sensation when three years ago the old Santana Band with Mike Shrieve, Gregg Rolie and Michael Carabello got together again and released the album "Santana IV". Now Carlos Santana has completely reshuffled his group and recalibrated its stylistic orientation. In the midst of feverish, congas-fired Latin rock, an ancient voice suddenly rises: Africa speaks!

eclipsed No. 181 / 6-2016

31. December 2016

THE BEATLES - Turn off your mind... 50 Years "Revolver"

SANTANA - Hippies always come back

23. May 2016

SANTANA - Hippies always come back

For Latin rock fans, it's a surprise that the original Santana band has reunited for the album entitled "IV". In addition to Carlos Santana, 2016 keyboarder Gregg Rolie, drummer Michael Shrieve and percussionist Mike Carabello as well as guitarist Neal Schon are also in the game. Only drummer José "Chepito" Areas is not included, just like bass player David Brown, who died in 2000 at the age of 50. Instead, "IV" was joined by some interesting younger spitballs, whose elan rubbed off on the older colleagues. Anyway, Gregg Rolie is enthusiastic during the conversation, as if he had fallen into a fountain of youth.

eclipsed: Santana in the original line-up - was this surprise coup planned a long time ago?

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 87

20. April 2016

SANTANA - Blues Magic (4:25)
Album: Santana IV (2016)
Label/Distributor: Santana IV/Thirty Tigers/Alive

A fascinating album that not only takes up the spirit of the early Santana in its title. If you listen to the new songs of the guitar magician, you immediately get the often quoted 'Woodstock-Feeling', also with the atmospheric "Blues Magic". Produced in a pleasantly old-fashioned way and yet never old-fashioned at any time. Album of the month!

eclipsed No. 172 / 7/8-2015

09. December 2015

QUEEN - Their 50 biggest songs

Queen emphasized throughout their career that they are essentially a hard rock band. In fact, the English kept increasing the hardness of their songs as much as they liked. And yet there is hardly a formation of its caliber that has tried its hand in so many different genres. This stylish heterogeneity is also reflected in our ranking of the 50 greatest songs of the pomp quartet.

CARLOS SANTANA - The Sound of the World

CARLOS SANTANA - The Sound of the World

25. June 2015

CARLOS SANTANA - The Sound of the World

Bill [Graham, concert promoter; note] called the whole band to a meeting. That was sometime in July 1969, when he lived in the Mill Valley, the white side of the Bay Area, where the fine pissants lived. We drove to him and admired the villas. He had prepared a nice buffet for us outside. We were totally impressed. Then he sat down and explained to us what it was all about. Usually he was in a hurry, but this time he took his time: he had a lot to say. "Some groups are not doing very well right now. Hendrix isn't selling, Jim Morrison's in trouble for exposing himself. And I hear Sly is overdoing it with the coke..."

eclipsed No. 160 / 5-2014

09. September 2014

Whole Lotta Phallus

It was pure sex, above all. Along with Jimmy Page's ubiquitous guitar and John Bonham's powerful drums, he seemed to be the driving force in the Led Zeppelin cosmos. Their highly potent and vibrant hardrock seemed like a permanent penis to the audience of the late sixties and early seventies.

Number 4 lives!

CARLOS SANTANA - Number 4 lives!

24. April 2014

CARLOS SANTANA - Number 4 lives!

After the creative bang "Caravanserei", the classic Santana line-up was finally separated in 1972. Carlos Santana is neither the type who regrets anything nor extends artistic differences to the private sphere. Over the years he has cultivated a friendly relationship with his former companions: Wherever he met former members of his band, he hugged them warmly, chatted with them and invited them to a joint jam. Nevertheless, it took more than forty years before all those involved sat down at the same table and pondered new joint projects.

eclipsed No. 124 / 10-2010

11. April 2014

I don't live today

When Jimi Hendrix left the stage in Woodstock, he had 397 days left. The period after 18 August 1969 was marked by personal problems and attempts at musical reorientation. Protocol of a year that ended on 18 September 1970 in London with the tragic death of the guitar revolutionary.

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