DAVE SCHMIDT - News from Sulatron Research

DAVE SCHMIDT - News from Sulatron Research

Dave Schmidt candidly mentions the chaos that currently reigns over him, and one cannot get rid of the impression that this disorderly state persists persistently and sustainably - but that it is also a source of his almost untameable creativity. Schmidt is currently giving the scene four high-calibre releases via Sulatron Records: a new live album by Electric Moon, the second album by the Russian band Polska Radio One, Krautzone will follow with separate CD and vinyl releases, and finally - what a surprise! - the first Zone Six studio album in 11 years.

eclipsed: The members of Zone Six call themselves lazy bastards. So how did the new studio album "Love Monster" come about?

Dave Schmidt: Like everything with Zone Six, this was very spontaneous, during a recording break at the Krautzone sessions.

eclipsed: You're sitting on the drums chair now, and your friend Comet Lulu is playing bass. How does that make you feel?

Schmidt: Naturally good. With Lulu together, the rhythm fraction is fun! It feels familiar.

eclipsed: The personal details of your bands overlap. For example, all Zone-Six members are also included in Krautzone. How do you find your way into the other musical world?

Schmidt: Just by looking at the various instruments. At Krautzone I play synthesizer and organ. That's different than guitar or drums. The other musicians are in it. It's clear that then other music comes into being. So I don't have to switch. It's always psychedelic anyway.

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