Forever young - On "Everchild" DARK SUNS conjure up the dream of everlasting childhood

22. June 2016

Dark Suns

Forever young - On "Everchild" DARK SUNS conjure up the dream of everlasting childhood

Changes of cast can be both a curse and a blessing. Risk and opportunity. The Dark Suns, founded in 1997, can sing a song about it. The Leipzig band has been one of the most exciting and changeable German progressive acts for years, but has also had to make changes to their constellation of musicians time and again. She has integrated a saxophonist and a trumpeter into her line-up and has installed Dominique Ehlert, who after "Orange" (2011) was initially hired as a tour drummer, permanently on the drum stool.

So the singing and drumming band founder Niko Knappe can now concentrate exclusively on his work on the microphone. "I never really felt this double function as a real burden, but live it was never really clear to the audience where the vocals came from. In principle, this is now a real luxury, because Dominique not only brings a great human component to the band, but he is also probably the best drummer in Leipzig at the moment. And while I was able to concentrate fully on my lyrics in the studio, I always knew very well that there was someone sitting behind the disc who was even better than me."

This is another reason why the vocal lines on "Everchild" are now much more effective than on "Orange". "At the time, our goal was to record the entire album live. A recorded jam session, so to speak, whereby the vocals were added later and the instrumental element appears much more mature. But this time the song idea was much more pronounced, so that the vocal arrangements also moved into focus much earlier, namely during the songwriting."

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