eclipsed No. 182 / 7/8-2016

31. December 2016

RETRO? ROCK! - Blues Pills and the New Generation Rock

Forever young - On "Everchild" DARK SUNS conjure up the dream of everlasting childhood

22. June 2016

Forever young - On "Everchild" DARK SUNS conjure up the dream of everlasting childhood

Changes of cast can be both a curse and a blessing. Risk and opportunity. The Dark Suns, founded in 1997, can sing a song about it. The Leipzig band has been one of the most exciting and changeable German progressive acts for years, but has also had to make changes to their constellation of musicians time and again. She has integrated a saxophonist and a trumpeter into her line-up and has installed Dominique Ehlert, who after "Orange" (2011) was initially hired as a tour drummer, permanently on the drum stool.

DARK SUNS "Everchild"

13. June 2016

Dark Suns have been one of the most exciting German bands for years because they are so changeable. With their fifth album "Everchild" they present another great achievement, in view of whose class one can be proud and happy that such an independent formation can also develop in the local rock scene. Fans know that the Leipzigers can expect surprising changes of course at any time. This time, however, the changes were not quite as severe as in the phase between "Grave Human Genuine" (2008) and "Orange" (2011).

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 88

23. May 2016

DARK SUNS - Escape With The Sun (6:12)
Album: Everchild (2016)
Label/Distribution: Prophecy/Soulfood

At DARK SUNS you can expect exciting course changes at any time. On their fifth album "Everchild" the octet not only firmly integrates two wind instruments into the line-up, the melancholic retro-prog Phoenix of "Orange" (2011) the Leipzig-based band has now also grown jazz-decorated new art rock grand pianos. Album of the month!