SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR - Fetishists on their own account

23. September 2015

Seven Steps To The Green Door

SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR - Fetishists on their own account

In its original meaning, a fetish is an object to which magical powers are ascribed. Today, however, this refers to certain preferences, especially of a sexual nature. Marek Arnold, keyboarder and saxophonist of Seven Steps To The Green Door, also sees the album title "Fetish" as a suitable generic term for a gripping collection of songs about addiction, consumption and questionable media coverage.

eclipsed: "Fetish" deals primarily with media consumption and all its positive and negative effects. What made you decide to make this concept work?

Marek Arnold: Actually it's not a concept album. It was only during the work that it emerged that the texts in the broadest sense have to do with the themes of addiction, consumption and media influence. These are all topics that occupy me a lot at the moment - well, maybe not pornography, which is addressed in the title "PORN! (laughs) The Ukrainian crisis and the associated criticism of the media were also omnipresent. I have the impression that the tone has tightened and people are questioning much more whether the information you get is correct. However, we were looking for a more general title and so we came up with "Fetish". First we wanted to call the album "Porn", but we found out that we had a real problem with the promo, because the album would have ended up in every spam filter! (laughs)

eclipsed: Where do you yourself see a fetishization of society? The album also deals with lust, dependence and human vices..

Arnold: Only 20 years ago there were much bigger taboos what you could expect people to do. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that it is much easier to get to pornography today. Ultimately, this leads to a social problem: some are blunt, while others are hypersensitive.

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