Around DAVE SCHMIDTs Sulatron label there is a lot to celebrate

Rund um DAVE SCHMIDTs Sulatron-Label gibt es einiges zu feiern

When he's right, he's right. "By 2020, however, that will be 16 or 11 years," remarks Dave Schmidt - that's right, this article appears a few days too late. In 2004 Schmidt, one of the most dazzling figures of the local space psychedelic scene, founded Sulatron Records and in 2009 the band Electric Moon. How did the label come about in the first place? Schmidt freely admits: "What else should such a music fanatic do, if he doesn't have a job and is somehow not able to have a normal job? After all, label boss is also a job. And he does it well, because Sulatron has released over 100 releases so far. A balance that is quite respectable. "It started off leisurely and peaked around 2012. Now it's running at a reasonably decent level. Unfortunately, there is not really anything left of the Krautrock revival or the vinyl boom, and CD sales are also declining significantly

Nevertheless: Psychedelic music is the passion of Dave Schmidt. "It's clear that there's a lot of passion in some releases. But I really do stand behind all Sulatron releases." Perhaps the releases of Seid, The Movements, Vibravoid, Seven That Spells or Sherpa are particularly noteworthy. And of course the albums of the various bands and projects with which Dave Schmidt lets off steam: Sula Bassana, Zone Six, Krautzone and of course Electric Moon. The latter himself has already released a whole series of albums - mainly recorded live. "Highlights always come back. The many great festivals and concerts, the lovely people we get to know. All that is irreplaceable!" The year 2019 again had something to offer: "Our fat concert at the Freak Valley Festival, recorded for the Rockpalast. We're gonna do a double LP of that." After the drummer changed a few times, the original drummer is back on board since 2017 with Pablo Carneval. Something like a new start? "Yes, definitely. Now we are a compact unit again. The close friendship between us is just incredibly important. In January we'll meet for new recordings..."

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